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Laughing is the best medicine!

I want to write about a free, convenient and totally underutilized therapy… Laughing!

Have you ever had a good laugh and done the deep cleansing sigh? The “ahh” or maybe, “ahhh sh*t.” with a smile…that physical and emotional release right there is stress therapy, my friend! It FEELS good!

Not only is laughing good for lowering stress levels, but it’s good for overall wellness. Stress hormone levels go down, while endorphins go up. These endorphins are capable of lowering pain levels and boosting our immune systems. In addition, you’re exercising muscles that will make you physically feel more relaxed afterward.

I personally think you can find reasons to laugh most of the time. I have no issues laughing at my misfortunes and mistakes, but that may not come easy to everyone. When I need a laugh, I throw on my favorite comedian, text a friend, or look up memes! The more you laugh, the easier it is and the more important it will be to you. Before you know it, you’ll be looking at things from a more lighthearted standpoint and see situations as more positive and less threatening. I think most would agree, it would be awesome to see and feel more of that.

By changing your mood, you will radiate to those around you and have better quality social interactions. Your positive outlook can influence others to do the same. Imagine that…the power of positivity!

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